Parts Of Houston Drying Out After Another Wet Weekend

Officials are now tallying up the damages after another round of heavy rain rolled into Houston over the weekend. The storm sent bayous over their banks, flooding some areas that were also swamped by the Memorial Day floods.

Near Hunting Bayou in east Houston, the water came up so fast Saturday morning that some people were left scrambling

One of the hardest hit areas was on Fleming Drive, near Federal Road and I-10. Chad Adams got out of his flooded apartment, thanks to a neighbor with a rubber raft.

His take on the situation: “Too much, too much water for me.”

Victoria Bieyra also got water in her home. She said it came up so fast they hardly had time to react.

“We were watching TV, basically just laying down on the sofa,” said Bieyra. “We didn’t even hear the water come in, until I start hearing a leak. And when I put my foot on the ground the water started to my ankles. We didn’t even know what time it came inside the house.”

Another resident affected was Cedric Powell. He said flooding in the neighborhood is becoming all too common.

“For one, the drains don’t de-clog themselves fast enough and it just gets outrageous,” said Powell. “This is actually the worst it’s been all year but last year it got all the way up to the front here, at the light. It gets real bad around this area.”

It was still raining Sunday morning as residents started to assess the situation.  A few blocks down on Fleming, we met Angel Barrientos and his family. Their duplex they rent got about three feet of water, enough to topple over the refrigerator.

“It was crazy, terrifying too,” said Barrientos. “Because this is our third time getting flooded this year.”

Barrientos says the same thing happened during the Memorial Day flood, and after all this water, he doesn’t know if their home will be around much longer.

“The owner, last time he had promised to fix the house,” said Barrientos. “So this time, I don’t think he’s going to fix it because it’s too much money wasted.”

Forecasters say some parts of the region got up to 12 inches of rain on Saturday. Rain gauges near this East Houston neighborhood recorded more than 10-inches of rain over the weekend-most of it coming on Saturday.


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