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After Deadly Gas Leak, Public Urges DuPont To Make Facilities Safer

Some are calling for DuPont to implement new safety measures at its plant In La Porte after a gas leak last year killed four workers.

The mood in the room was somber as investigators with the U.S. Chemical Safety Board played a video of how November 2014 accident played out (watch the video above).

75-year-old Betty LeBlanc was the first to comment. She says her daughter works for DuPont, and she wants to know it’s a safe environment. But LeBlanc says regulators have warned the company about violations in the past, and she questions whether things will really improve.

“So how do we get people or companies to comply?” LeBlanc says. “How many lives do we have to lose or injuries do we have to suffer because of negligence?”

Investigators say flawed safety procedures and design problems led to the gas leak that killed four employees at the plant.

Attorney Larry Wilson represents the family of one of the workers, Robert Tisnado. Wilson says a better warning system could have prevented the accident.

“We have very little that we can do,” Wilson says. “If there’s going to be change by DuPont, it rests with you all.”

In a statement, a DuPont spokesman said the company is actively addressing the safety recommendations.


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