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Study: Billions Of Dollars Generated By Houston’s Creative Economy

A study released by the Houston Arts Alliance finds the economic health of Houston’s creative sector has grown substantially in recent years.

Houston’s second creative economy report is a follow up to a study that was first done in 2011.

Commissioned by the Houston Arts Alliance’s Arts and Business Council, it refers to the Houston area as a “sleeping giant” in terms of what it can offer in the creative sector.

The research shows that, over a three-year period, the number of people employed in Houston’s creative economy has grown by 22 percent. This can include employment in industries such as architecture, graphic design, and performing arts.

The research states that the size of Houston’s creative economy, when measured by jobs, is larger than that of the Texas Medical Center.

A key finding addresses our demand for creative goods and services, which generates tens of billions of dollars. These services can range from media to visual art.

The report also references the recent downturn in Houston’s energy sector. It concludes that, because the region’s economy is more diverse than previously, it’s more sustainable and resilient.


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