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Survey: About 1 in 5 Undergraduate Women Report Sexual Assault At UT & Texas A&M

Sexual assault was only slightly less prevalent at the campuses of the two Texas universities compared to the national average.


Almost one in four undergraduate women say they were a victim of sexual assault or misconduct, according to a new, nationwide survey that reveals how extensive sexual violence is on college campuses.

The Association of American Universities polled more than 150,000 students at 27 colleges. It’s one of the largest studies ever done on college sexual violence.

Sexual assault was only slightly less prevalent at two Texas campuses compared to the national average.

At Texas A&M, 15 percent of undergraduate women said they were victims of non-consensual sex because they were forced or because they were incapacitated and not able to consent.

The number is higher at the University of Texas at Austin at 19 percent.

Men on campus also experienced sexual assault, but at much lower rates with 5.4 percent at UT-Austin and 4 percent at Texas A&M.

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