Harris And Montgomery Counties Team Up On Bridge Projects

As the population continues to grow north of Houston, officials in both Harris and Montgomery Counties are looking for ways to handle a big increase in traffic. That includes rebuilding a couple of outdated bridges that link the two counties.

Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle says they’re handling lots of applications from developers who want to build in northern Harris County. And a lot of the people who are moving there work in Montgomery County.

“It’s pretty impressive what the growth is in that area and those folks need to get around,” Cagle says.

But getting back and forth is often a challenge, and that’s because of a couple of narrow bridges that cross Spring Creek. One is on Kuykendahl Road. The other is on Gosling Road. They only have one lane in each direction and Cagle says they just can’t handle the volume.

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“If you have an accident anywhere along that corridor there’s no place to go, and you can be in traffic for an hour and a half for a trip that should only take 20 minutes,” Cagle says.

The county line is in the middle of the creek, so building a bridge has to be a joint effort between Harris and Montgomery Counties.

Cagle says they’ve reached agreement on a $4 million bridge for Kuykendahl. It’s now in the design phase. But he says they’re still in discussion on the Gosling Bridge, and whether TxDOT could provide matching funds.

Both Harris and Montgomery Counties have bond issues on the ballot this November to pay for road improvements.


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