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Houston Mayor Responds To Dave Wilson Lawsuit

The conservative activist is trying to force the city to certify his gender identity petition in time for the November election.


The city of Houston responded to a lawsuit filed by conservative activist Dave Wilson that is before the Texas Supreme Court.

Wilson wants the court to force the city to count signatures on his petition seeking to amend the city charter and define gender identity in Houston. It’s an attempt to keep the city from allowing biological males in women’s bathrooms.

Mayor Annise Parker said Wilson is simply trying to repeal the equal rights ordinance.

“The only place in our ordinances where we use the phrase ‘gender identity’ to my knowledge is in the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance,” Parker said. “So we think he’s trying to get a second bite of the apple. It’s already on the ballot, we’re already going to the voters. He is using an illegal method to try to make something happen.”

A lower court sided with Wilson, but the city appealed. Wilson went to the Supreme Court to stop the appeals process because he wants to get a referendum on the Nov. 3 ballot.

In the written response to the court, the city argues he has already missed the deadline.