Houston Area Huge Winner In State Money For Water

Harris and Fort Bend counties are getting the biggest share of state help to increase the supply of drinking water.


Millions of gallons fresh water flows across the Lake Livingston dam. It joins water from Lake Houston and Lake Conroe to eventually be used in thousands of homes.

But the demand is growing with so many people moving here. Billions of dollars is needed to expand water treatment plants and build new pipelines to take lake water as far as Fort Bend County’s fast growing subdivisions. Two years ago, Texas voters overwhelmingly approved funding for just such projects.

Thursday morning, the Texas Water Board took the big next step, approving nearly $4 billion dollars in financing statewide. A huge chunk of that — about $3 billion — will go to finance that treatment plant and pipeline project in Harris and Fort Bend Counties.

“This is just a massive, massive project,” says Sara Smith, a lawyer with the group Environment Texas.

She says while increasing the supply of water is important, it’s also vital to try to reduce water that’s wasted.

“And in many cases conservation projects can actually be cheaper than doing a supply side development project,” Smith told News 88.7.

To that end, the Water Board approved projects in other cities like Fort Worth to fix leaking water mains and to install fast and accurate leak detection systems.


Regional Water Source Map


Dave Fehling

Dave Fehling

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