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It’s All About Hydration When Dealing With Houston Heat

How are people exercising in Hermann Park combating the heat?


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miller-outdoor-theater-800px.jpgMiller Outdoor Theatre


With temperatures headed toward the century mark in Houston this week, experts say it’s essential to stay hydrated if you’re outside for an extended period. 

As a concert was underway at Miller Outdoor Theatre, some people outside were focused on running up and down the hill under the blazing midday sun, hoping to burn a few calories.

Alex Crenshaw was pulling his girlfriend Kashi Wilson up the hill, with a rope wrapped around his waist.

“As long as I keep pushing, I know she’s going to keep pushing,” Crenshaw says.

Hernandez: “What do you tell people who may want to do this, but they’re not really sure how to …”
“Just say hydrated. Just drink water. Just drink a lot of water,” Kashi Wilson says.

Jahmario Williams, a professor at Texas Southern University, was also exercising on the hill. He says he’s from Mississippi and is used to the heat and humidity.

“And plus, I do the sauna every day for about 30 minutes,” Williams says. “And so, I’m used to you know, extreme heat. But it is very humid out here.” 

Trainer Edrina Newman watched intently as her client was running up and down the hill. Newman says breathable clothes and sunblock are essential to protect your body from the heat.

“You want to stay hydrated with water, because you want to make sure that you’re flushed out,” Newman says. “If you can get under some shade, that would be great to do exercises, especially if you’re doing high-intensity training. Other than that, you do your cardio, you can run the hills, make sure you breathe in between your sets, and you’re good to go.” 

Newman says everyone is different when it comes to water intake, but she adds it’s important to make sure you get enough water before, during and after a workout.