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A National Conversation On The Arts Takes Place In Houston

What can Houston learn from other U.S. cities when it comes to building a successful arts and culture scene? That’s the topic of conversation at Tuesday’s event at the Hobby Center.

Hobby Center
A National Conversation: How local arts communities organize is Tuesday, July 14th at 2:30 pm inside the Hobby Center’s Founders Club, 800 Bagby Street in Houston.

Michael Killoren is one of the four panelists coming to Houston to take part in Tuesday’s event, A National Conversation: How Local Arts Communities Organize. He notes that, with Houston’s Arts and Cultural Plan in the works, it’s a timely topic.

“You know, within the context of the other conversations that Houston is having around cultural planning, this is just a great opportunity – a great learning opportunity, hopefully – to explore what some of those other cities are doing,” Killoren says.

The event is hosted by the Houston Arts Alliance, with the goal of assessing how other cities with successful arts communities are organized. Topics will include issues surrounding arts and cultural organizations, cultural tourism programs, and community and educational facilities.

Killoren says one trend seen in other cities is new partnerships among local arts agencies and organizations that aren’t generally associated with the arts.

“If there’s any sort of trending, it’s really identifying not just the usual suspects… but really forging authentic relationships with partners who traditionally perhaps have not been involved in arts in culture, but kind of beginning to understand that a strong arts and cultural sector is really important if you’re going to be a vibrant 21st century city.”

The public is invited to attend the free event Tuesday, July 14th at 2:30 pm inside the Hobby Center


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