Harris County Officials Considering Plan To Remove Vehicles From Bayous

Harris County Commissioners today said they’ll consider working with the City of Houston to remove abandoned vehicles from the bayous.

Currently, there are at least 127 submerged vehicles in Harris County’s bayous. The issue came to light two years ago when the search and rescue team Texas Equusearch conducted a sonar scan of the waterways.

“I know that we can get the resources, manpower that’s capable of getting them out,” Tim Miller, the group’s director, says. “I know that we can help the county. We can help the city.”

Houston City Councilmember At-Large Michael Kubosh has long been a supporter of removing the vehicles. Speaking before the Harris County Commissioners Court, he said they pose a threat to public safety.

“We need to send a message to the criminals, and those who would be tempted to submerge their cars in the water,” Kubosh says. “This is an easy hiding place, and we need to do something about it.”

He says the abandoned cars could also contribute to pollution and flooding.

The Houston City Council has approved $250,000 to remove the vehicles if the county will match the funds.

Michael Talbott, the director of the Harris County Flood Control District, says the submerged cars can contribute to bayou flooding, but they don’t obstruct flow all that much.

“It’d be more like rumble strips than a speed hump in terms of its effect on flooding, but there could be a link there,” Talbott says.

County commissioners are expected to vote on the matter at a later meeting.


Tomeka Weatherspoon

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