Houston Business Leaders Aim To Strengthen Ties With Korea

Leaders from Korea’s aerospace, energy and engineering industries attended a forum on trade in Houston today.


The meeting aimed to strengthen economic ties between the two countries. Sang-jick Yoon is the Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy. He says the country wants to partner with Houston companies as it moves toward more sustainable energy.

Cory Nelson with General Electric says he supports continued trade with Korea.

“The facilities we have here in Houston heavily rely on exports, so we see it as an opportunity to grow more jobs in Houston,” Nelson says.   

Congress is currently negotiating the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal with foreign countries which Korea has expressed interest in joining. Some American labor groups fear it could result in jobs losses, but that didn’t seem to be a concern for these industry leaders.

Representatives from the aerospace sector also spoke about investment opportunities.

Mario Diaz is director of the Houston Airport System, which is working to open a commercial spaceport.

“The strategy here is to move from a government sponsored and government-led aerospace program to the emergence and growth of a commercial industry,” Diaz says.

He says they want to partner with foreign companies during development, which could be as early as next month.