McCartney Kin to Bring Beatle Stories To Houston

As Paul McCartney prepares to celebrate his 73rd birthday next week, two of his relatives will be here in Houston. Angie and Ruth McCartney are taking part in a two-day five-course gourmet event in Kemah, and will also participate in the three-day Springboard South Music Festival in Houston.

Ruth McCartney with her mother, Angie McCartney. Credit: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images


The former Beatle’s stepmother Angie McCartney and stepsister Ruth will attend two five-course gourmet dinners at the Eculent restaurant in Kemah, just before Paul’s birthday on June 18th.

Angie married Paul’s father Jim in 1964, as Beatlemania was sweeping the world.

“I had a girlfriend when we were very young and we just happened to run into each other again. She said, ‘Oh, you should come and meet Uncle Jim — he’s widowed now.’ And I said, ‘Uncle Jim who?’ And she said, ‘Oh, you don’t know?’ And I said, ‘Don’t know what?’ She said, ‘Uncle Jim is the father of Paul McCartney!’ Oh, I’d forgotten! And it just took off from there.”

Jim adopted Ruth, Angie’s daughter from a previous marriage. Life at their Liverpool house was far from ordinary, whether it was Ruth having tea with John Lennon or Angie doing laundry for Jimi Hendrix.

Angie: “Come on, unpack! You must need your laundry doing. I’ll make a pot of tea and I’ll do your laundry!”

Ruth: “But I was four, you know, I was singularly unimpressed. Everybody’s screaming for Uncle John and George and Ringo and wants to meet my brother, and I’m just like — ugh, they’re a bunch of old men! You know, I’ve done their laundry!”

Ruth, Angie and Jim lived in a Liverpool house called Rembrandt, which Paul bought so his father could escape fans. But Angie and Ruth say despite the aggravation, interaction with fans has always been good-natured.

“It was. indeed, yes. All the fans were always, well, you know … they still are.”

Angie: “They still are! Gosh, I’ve got 5,000 friends on Facebook and so has Ruth.”

Ruth: “You know, that’s the great thing about the Beatles, is that even if a lot of the fans have never met one of the Fabs, they’ve kind of formed this satellite family of love and protection around them, it’s truly phenomenal.”

As part of their week in Houston, the McCartneys will also take part in the three-day Springboard South Music Festival starting on the 21st.

You can hear a longer version of our interview with Angie and Ruth McCartney on Wednesday’s Houston Matters or the raw interview below.


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