Looking At The Future Of Texas Children

Poverty, child abuse and malnutrition are just some of the serious issues that affect many children across Greater Houston. A group of community leaders gathered Thursday to find ways to improve their situation.



The consensus at The Future of Texas Children conference is that education is vital.

Panelist Scott Van Beck is with Houston A+ Challenge, an independent nonprofit that supports public school reform in the Houston area. He says parent empowerment will improve the education of their children.

“Schooling is changing, and there are so many other choices out there that it’s a great day for a parent and for a learner,” Van Beck says. “School districts are either going to respond to that, or parents are going to judge those deliverers of education irrelevant.”

Dr. Robert Sanborn with Children at Risk helped organize the event. He also says the involvement of parents is key.

“We want greater awareness, but we also want greater action. We want people to see what the trends hold, and sometimes they’re not very good. Child poverty is probably going to get worse before it gets better, even in the state of Texas with so much employment. So we want people to be alarmed, but we want them to go away,wanting to take action,” Sanborn says.

The goal of the annual conference is to come up with ideas to help children across Greater Houston.