Houston, Get Ready For A Mosquito Invasion

There’s plenty of standing water left across Greater Houston for insects to breed.


May’s rains may turn into June gloom & doom; as far as mosquitoes are concerned. That’s because there’s plenty of standing water left across Greater Houston for insects to breed.

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We are being warned to gear up for the invasion of mosquitoes.

Dr Sonja Swiger, an entomologist with Texas A&M, says the dry spell has created the perfect breeding environment.

“So now, you’ve got lot’s of little pockets of water that we can’t usually get to and do anything about, and those are going to breed different mosquitoes than we see on a regular basis. And now those mosquitoes have lot’s of places to lay their eggs,” Swiger says.

Dr. Mustapha Debboun is director of the Mosquito Control Division for Harris County.

He says despite all the rain, they’re not changing their plan to deal with mosquitoes. Weather permitting, researchers take mosquito samples from 250 testing sites around the county.

Debboun says they check for West Nile, St Louis encephalitis and other diseases like dengue fever and chickungunya.

“Once we have mosquitoes that have viruses in them and we know where they’re coming from the traps, that’s when we send trucks to those areas. Because we really want to zero in on mosquitoes that we know are going to be a problem to humans carrying a disease,” Debboun says.

He says residents can dispose of standing water, help reduce places where mosquitoes can breed, and can avoid getting bit by using mosquito repellant.

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