Houston-Harris County Partnership Targets Illegal Dumping

New cameras will monitor areas most affected by illegal trash dumping.


Dumping Trash Crew cleaning up lot
Illegal dumping in the East End

The city has long fought illegal dumping in Houston.

In its newest action on the issue, the City Council approved an agreement with Harris County to install at least 25 cameras in council districts with the highest number of reported incidents.

Mayor Annise Parker said offenders are prosecuted aggressively.

“It costs money to go in and clean up but it also has a direct impact on neighborhood quality of life and even on property values,” she said.

But it’s difficult to catch someone who dumps trash somewhere on the side of the road.

The cameras are one tool to address the issue. As part of the agreement with the county, the city will pay $250,000 for the equipment, but Harris County Constable for Precinct 1 Alan Rosen’s office will review the footage.

“He has a reserve constable corps, so volunteers,” Parker said. “It’s a low-cost review, because we would be paying police officers to review the data, and it’s just a very expensive process.”

Parker said while the city has used cameras in the past, new technology allows monitoring in low light as well as improved data storage.

You can call the city’s 3-1-1 service request line to report incidents of illegal dumping.


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