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Texas Governor Abbott: State Guard To Monitor ‘Jade Helm 15’ Military Exercise

In a Tweet, the governor says the state guard will safeguard constitutional rights. A military expert says it’s a routine military exercise.

In response to concerns over a proposed military exercise, newly elected Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tweeted Tuesday that he will order the Texas state guard to monitor the situation. You can read the tweet below.

The U.S. military has plans for a sweeping exercise called “Jade Helm 15” this summer.

Social media sites have fueled speculation that the multi-faceted training is a conspiracy to launch martial law in the U.S.

The training will take place across the Southwestern United States and Texas.

Paul Floyd, a military analyst at Stratfor, says this really is just a training exercise.

“A lot of it has to do with where they (the military) perceive the next threat could be, and they’re trying to match up the environment and the terrain,” Floyd said. “And based off of that, what situations could we see there, and how can we replicate that as truthfully as possible so we can practice it, so we can perform well overseas if we do have to fight.”

Abbott’s Tweet says the state guard will safeguard constitutional rights, and protect private property and civil liberties.