Texas Governor Greg Abbott Talks Economics To Houston Hispanics

The governor refuses to answer a question on whether he would veto a repeal of the Texas Dream Act.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks after the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon.


Most of Abbott’s speech at the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Hilton Americas centered on economic development in Houston and Texas, including Hispanic-owned businesses.

In last year’s gubernatorial race, Abbott won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, the most for a Republican candidate since George W. Bush in 1998.

It probably helped that Abbott’s wife is Hispanic, and he emphasized that during his speech when he talked about Cecilia Abbott’s grandparents coming to Texas from Mexico, “and now their granddaughter is the first Hispanic First Lady in the history of the great state of Texas,” Abbott said.

He was asked afterward if he supports legislation to repeal the Texas Dream Act, which grants immigrants here illegally in-state tuition at Texas colleges. But Abbott dodged the question.

“I can’t comment on the thousands of pieces of legislation that will not make it to my desk,” he said. “I’ll focus on the five priorities that I established in my State of the State Address.”

A Texas Senate subcommittee has voted to repeal it, but it’s not yet clear if the full Legislature will go along.

Hispanic Chamber president Laura Murillo said she fully supports the Texas Dream Act and hopes to influence the governor if the legislation reaches his desk.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks at Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Hilton Americas.


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