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What Does It Take To Build A 21st Century Arts Community In Houston?

The University Of Houston hosts the second Leadership In The Arts Summit asking that question. And there are plenty of opinions.


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event poster
Leadership in the Arts Summit event poster

About 135 people filled the ballroom of the University of Houston’s Student Center for yesterday’s Leadership in the Arts Summit. This year, the focal point was about audience stewardship. But what does that mean?

“It is about a relationship. It’s no longer just about buying a single ticket. It’s actually creating a relationship between the artist, the organization, and the community,” said Sixto Wagan, director of the UH Center for Arts Leadership, who hosted the summit.

But he says talking about building relationship is only the first step.

“It’s time to make some action. Instead of just being able to talk about it, what is the next step for them to go out into the communities and to talk to audiences, also talk to the politicians and say that this is the work that we do and this is valuable to not only me as an individual, but to a larger community,” Wagan added.

Topics ranged from discussing the democratization of art and examining the intersection of art, business, and community. Wagan admits that the goal wasn’t to find a single solution, but more about generating critical dialogues to build a stronger, more creative city.