New Web App Designed To Help Keep Traffic Moving

Your Spring Break trip could be ruined by a breakdown on the freeway, and it could also cause problems for other drivers. But there’s a web app designed to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Screenshot of Roadcents Website


Many of us have been in a situation where we’re stuck in traffic, and after we creep along for a few miles, we finally see the problem. TxDOT’s Danny Perez says that problem is often a breakdown on the side of the road.
“They’re trying to change a tire, for instance, or they’re trying to work on their vehicle. And maybe they call a relative out, and so you’ve got two or three vehicles on the side of the road. It’s definitely a hazardous situation,” says Perez.

TxDOT says it hopes to help drivers avoid those hazards with a web app called “Roadcents.”

You visit a special website where you create an account. Perez says you can put in your vehicle’s make and model, and the app will let you know when it needs routine maintenance.

“Doing things such as checking the tire pressure, regular oil changes, that will keep your vehicle running, keep it maintained well,” Perez explains.

Perez says regular maintenance will also help with your gas costs while cutting down on vehicle emissions. TxDOT says the Roadcents app has more than 2500 active users.


Gail Delaughter

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