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How Should The Water Quality Be Improved In Armand Bayou?

The TCEQ is in Houston to collaborate with the public on how to remove bacteria from the water.

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Image credit: Harris County Flood District

Testing show bacteria levels in the Armand Bayou may be above the standards recommended by the state, and that can be hazardous to residents’ health. 

Tim Tietjens is a resident of the Armand Bayou watershed, an expanse of about 60 square miles between Galveston Bay and Clear Lake. He spends a lot of time out on the water, and he wants to be sure it’s safe.

“We don’t want people getting sick, or animals getting sick and that kind of thing, so it’s important to have clean water,” says Tietjens.”

He’s one of about 20 people who turned out for a meeting of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or TCEQ. They’re here to collaborate with the public on how to improve water quality in the area. Testing shows bacteria levels are above standards set by the state. That can pose a health risk to swimmers, kayakers or anyone else who comes in contact with the water.

Jason Leifester with the TCEQ says it’s important to hear from residents firsthand.

“We’re in Austin,” he says. “We don’t know the details of these watersheds in the Houston area or wherever we have these projects, so we really rely on the local expertise to find out how to address these problems.”

The TCEQ will consider the public’s feedback when designing a plan to lower bacteria levels in the bayou.


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