Tour Alley Theatre As It Gets A Makeover

Renovations are underway at the Alley Theatre. News 88.7’s Syeda Hasan is getting a tour.



Right now, the Alley Theatre is almost unrecognizable. The building’s iconic red carpet is gone, and the stage has turned into a construction site. Gregory Boyd with the Alley says it took some time to get the project underway.

“We do 400 performances a year, so it’s a big tactical effort to pick up our whole operation and move it to another place,” he said.

The troupe is currently performing at the University of Houston. Meanwhile, construction crews are working to give audiences a better viewing experience. The theatre will lose about 50 seats, but Boyd says the audience will be closer to the actors. Another upgrade allows scenery to be brought in from under the stage. Boyd says designers made it a point to preserve the building’s architecture while modernizing its features.

“In a way it was a good thing because it kept us thoughtful about it for a long time, and we were able to get all of the artists to kind of collaborate on it too,” Boyd said.

The improvements will cost an estimated $46.5 million. The Alley Theatre is expected to reopen in October. 


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