Harris County Department of Education Holds Bullying Awareness Workshop

Officials say reports from students and teachers show that bullying and gang involvement are a problem for county schools.

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The Bullying Prevention and Gang Awareness workshop brought out dozens of educators from around Harris County.

Tayyaba Ali is a counselor at ABC West, a transitional school for struggling students.

She says students don’t always tell counselors or teachers when they get bullied or encounter gang activity. She says the workshop helps educators learn to spot warning signs.

“It’s not just in a particular school or in a particular school,” Ali says. “It’s all over the place, and so you have to be aware and educate yourself.”

Bonnie Rivera is with the Harris County Department of Education. She says unfortunately, bullying and gang involvement are an issue for Harris County schools, but she hopes discussions like these bring about change.

“It is necessary to empathize, acknowledge and empower the children, and a situation like that can be turned around,” Rivera says.

Rivera says the education department does not currently track students’ progress with bullying issues, but it may consider collecting the data in the future.


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