Federal Investigation Begins Into Fatal Gas Leak At DuPont Plant

The cause of the toxic gas leak remains unknown as investigators make their way to the site.


The leak, which has since been contained, occurred at the  in La Porte. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board dispatched an eight-person investigation team to the plant this weekend.

Dr. Daniel Horowitz is with the board. He says the first step is identifying witnesses, anyone from plant workers to corporate officials familiar with the DuPont’s safety systems.

“At this point it’s going to be a pain-staking process of conducting witness interviews, examining the site itself and putting in place agreements for testing equipment and evidence, preserving the site,” he said.

Horowitz says it’s too soon to tell how long the investigation will take, but the agency will publish findings as soon as possible.

Jeff Suggs is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of La Porte. He says the incident does not pose a health risk to the public. Suggs says DuPont personnel followed the correct emergency protocol.

“We knew the chemicals DuPont had on site, and then DuPont also utilized the 9-1-1 system as they should have in this type of emergency, and told us exactly what they had and what they needed from us,” Suggs said.

DuPont did not respond to requests for an interview. 


Tomeka Weatherspoon

Tomeka Weatherspoon

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