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Superintendent: Pace of Growth in Katy Schools Accelerating

Katy superintendent celebrates two milestones at the state of the district address Friday.

Superintendent Alton Frailey
Superintendent Alton Frailey says Katy ISD has become a “destination district” and is the second fastest growing district in the state. In September, student enrollment surpassed 70,000.

Think about the size of school districts in Atlanta, Seattle and Detroit.

Now think about the Katy Independent School District.

“You would not imagine that little Katy has a school system much larger than any other those.”

Superintendent Alton Frailey leads the booming suburban school district near the Energy Corridor.

At the state of the district address Friday, Frailey celebrated two major milestones: enrolling 70,000 students and getting the new bond package passed.

That will keep up with student growth for just the next three years. Enrollment is expected to continue growing beyond that.  The only question is how fast.

“Based upon the actual growth numbers, the 98,000 high-growth scenario is now this year’s middle, moderate growth scenario, because we’re looking at having more students now in a high-growth scenario than we did last year,” Frailey explains.

“So last year’s high is now this year’s moderate because of the acceleration of the growth,” he says. 

Even with more students, Katy ISD is keeping up its reputation for academics.

Its typical scores on the ACT college entrance exam are higher than the state and national averages.

Frailey says the surrounding community is a major factor in Katy’s success.

“If you really want to have a quality school system, you’ve got to invest yourself in having a quality community, because a school system is a lagging indicator. The community is a leading indicator.”



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