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Recapping Election Night 2014

Brandon Rottinghaus and Craig Cohen take on election night.

Brandon Rottinghaus and Craig Cohen take on election night.

Brandon Rottinghaus is an associate professor of political science at the University of Houston.

He says the Governor-elect will be ideologically similar to Governor Perry, but may focus on different issues, from education to transportation to border security.

“The question really for Greg Abbott is, as much as he’d like to certain kinds of things, the Legislature’s going to force his hand on some of these issues. So his new compatriot, Dan Patrick, is gonna also be a key player in what the Governor gets done,” said Rottinghaus.

Rottinghaus believes the next Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, in his role leading the Senate, will be a key player in what Governor-elect Greg Abbott gets accomplished when they both take office. While both are Republicans, Rottinghaus believes their personalities and styles may clash at times.

“They’re very different in style,” said Rottinghaus. “The way they go about talking about issues is very different. Greg Abbott is a much more consensual, I think, leader, where Dan Patrick is a much more bombastic leader, really willing to, you know, go for the jugular. So, we’ll see how that plays out in a legislative setting.”

Rottinghaus also believes the Democrats poor showing statewide Tuesday may have disappointed Battleground Texas and party faithful in their effort to energize Democrats, but they shouldn’t have been surprised by the results.

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“The midterm election is a horrible time to reinvigorate a party. And you’ve got an incumbent President who’s dramatically unpopular in the state. So, to some degree, it’s hard to blame the Democrats for the kind of losses that they took. But there were some key races that they didn’t succeed in that they could have. And certainly statewide, they did quite poorly,” said Rottinghaus.

Craig Cohen will have more analysis of Tuesday’s election on Houston Matters on Wednesday at noon on News 88.7.


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Craig Cohen

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