Republicans And Democrats Work To Mobilize Voters In Final Week

The campaign for governor has switched from persuasion to mobilization.

Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott

The two candidates for Texas governor are spending the final week before Election Day making sure their supporters actually show up at the polls.

Turnout for the first week of early voting was generally lower in counties that tend to favor Democrats. Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis will be busy this week trying to mobilize her base with a final round campaign stops and an ad blitz.

“If it is the case that you’ve got less interest in the race in week one of early voting, they desperately need to make up that ground in week two. The good news, for them, is week two tends to turn out more early voters than week one. So there’s time for the Davis campaign for Senator Davis herself to go out and prime the pump,” says UH Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus.

Rottinghaus says all Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott has to do in this final week to win the governor’s race is not say anything foolish, and keep his surrogates from doing the same. Still, Republicans are realizing the danger of complacent voters.

“We’ve been hearing for several months about how they’ve got huge leads and the election is in the bag. This is as complicated and problematic for Republicans as it is for Democrats, because if Republicans don’t show up, and then you’ve got a surge in unpredicted Democratic turnout then you might have a really competitive race. And really, now, it’s a turnout game,” says Rottinghaus.

Early voting continues 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Friday, October 31st. Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th.



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