No Injuries, Minor Damage In Alley Theatre Fire

2-alarm fire damages roof of building under construction.

Alley theatre
20 units responded to the 2-alarm high-rise fire

HFD got the call at 11:09 this morning. The first units arrived on scene only two minutes later.

“There was smoke and fire coming from the top of the structure,” said Firefighter Kenyatta Parker, public information officer with the department. “Once the firefighters got closer, they identified that it was in the ductwork area and insulation on fire.”

Altogether, 20 units and between 80 to 100 firefighters responded to the 2-alarm high-rise fire.

Parker said these types of fires can take a while to fully extinguish.

“It’s kind of like a mattress,” he said. “If a mattress is on fire, you have to pull the mattress out of the home and actually douse it or submerge it with water. So, same concept. The insulation runs through the top of the building. You have to find out where it started and make sure all of it is thoroughly extinguished.”

He said there is no major damage to the building.

The theatre is currently under renovation and all shows take place at the University of Houston.

On its Facebook page, the Alley Theatre said only construction crews were in the building at the time of the fire, and everyone was safely evacuated.

The cause of the fire is being investigated, but Parker said it’s possibly electrical.



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