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Houston Diploma Mill Shuts Down, To Pay Students $1.4 Million

After filing a lawsuit, Texas Attorney General reached a settlement with Lincoln Academy.

Lincoln Academy website
Screen grab from Lincoln Academy’s Website


An online school here in Houston used to sign students up to get their high school diploma in a matter of weeks.

It cost less than $300.

But that school Lincoln Academy was not an accredited educational institution.

It caught the attention of state prosecutors and became the target in a lawsuit.

Now the so-called diploma mill is shutting down in a legal settlement.

What’s more, Lincoln Academy will pay more than $1.4 million dollars to students who were duped into buying worthless degrees.

Consumers can file complaints to try and get their money back with the Texas Attorney General.

The state attorney’s office says this sends a message to all educational institutions especially community colleges and universities that they should take a hard look at high school transcripts and make sure nontraditional schools are really providing an education — and not just taking students’ money.


Final judgment against Lincoln Academy and other defendants:


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