Cops Say Old Crime Still A Big Problem

Houston Police say criminals are targeting customers leaving local banks with large amounts of cash. It’s called “jugging”, where the crooks follow the victims to their next stop and steal the cash out of vehicles.

The Houston Police Department says crooks are dusting-off a crime that’s been around for decades and victimizing unsuspecting residents carrying large amounts of cash.

Authorities say juggings happen when suspects watch a bank, see a customer withdraw a large amount of cash, follow the person to their next stop and then break into the vehicle and steal the money or other valuables.

“Do your business, don’t be afraid to go to the banks, but be aware,” said HPD Lieutenant J.R. Chase. “If you see a vehicle that’s parked, facing the bank, with two or three people just sitting looking like they’re watching folks, pay attention to that.”

More than 50 people have been arrested related to juggings in the past year. Authorities say the crooks work quickly.

“It takes five to seven seconds for someone to approach your car, get in your car, take something and be back on the road,” Chase said. “That’s hard to catch. It’s hard for people to see.”

Authorities say criminals usually move from bank to bank until they find a victim. If they don’t find money, other valuables are usually stolen from vehicles.