Houston Fans Disappointed But Hopeful After US World Cup Elimination

Hundreds watch Team USA’s 2-1 loss to Belgium at one Houston pub.

Hundreds of fans watched the game at Lucky’s Pub’s outside viewing area on Rusk Street.

USA_vs_Belgium_2.JPGEmpty chairs and disappointed fans shortly after the U.S. fell to Belgium, 2-1.

The hope didn’t die until the final whistle for the hundreds of fans watching in and outside of Lucky’s Pub just east of downtown.

In the end, it wasn’t quite enough and most fans quickly vacated the closed off viewing area outside the pub.

“It’s disappointing. We had it. There was plenty of time left to score the second goal,” said Cesar Lima, who hung around after the game. “Tough loss. It’s been a hell of a Cup for the U.S.”

Nadette Vega would have preferred a U.S. win too. But she said she feels good about the United States getting better every World Cup.

“I’m happy with the game,” she said. “We should have won if we were more concentrated and more defense. But that’s OK. Hey, any mistake that we make, we can better next year, another four years.”

Both Vega and Lima agreed that the viewing experience during this World Cup has been great and that soccer is becoming more popular here in Houston and the United States.


Florian Martin

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