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Are Unregulated Drilling Waste Pits A Threat To Texas Groundwater?

Is Texas doing enough to make sure that drilling doesn’t pollute groundwater?

Not since the oil boom of the 1980s have so many wells been drilled in Texas. Last year the total number of “holes drilled” for oil & gas topped 24,000 state-wide according to Texas regulators. But there’s concern that Texas isn’t doing enough to make sure that all that drilling doesn’t end-up polluting precious groundwater. StateImpact reporter Dave Fehling begins our story with a man in North Texas who has a warning.

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Dave Fehling

Dave Fehling

Director of News and Public Affairs

As Director of News and Public Affairs, Dave Fehling manages the radio news operation at Houston's NPR station. Previously, he was a reporter at the station, covering the oil & gas industry and its impact on the environment. He won top state honors for in-depth and investigative reporting as well...

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