The Year’s Final Proposal For What To Do With The Astrodome

The final meeting of the year for Harris County Commissioners Court included yet another proposal for what to do with the Houston Astrodome.

The latest Dome proposal presented to commissioners involves a combination of a park and education.

“I would like to see something that focuses on the STEM education that is Houston’s core industry, the science, technology, engineering and math.”

Development consultant Misha Ferguson-King says an indoor water park would pay homage to the old Astroworld complex and teach children how to use renewable energy sources, like solar panels on the roof that could harness electricity and water. She told the court that funding would be available.

“I have talked to private developers. I’ve talked to a company that currently operates water parks that would be interested in partnering up. I’ve also talked to a source that funds public utility-type developments that would interest in funding it.”

Emmett: “There were numerous plans to convert the Astrodome into an indoor water park, but none of them had any money associated with it.”

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett says proposals that have come after voters defeated a measure to fund a $217 million dollar renovation are all impressive, but:

“There are people out there that tell me they’re looking. I was at an event last week and a very distinguished-looking man came up to me and said, ‘I’m gonna come in next week and I’ve got $150 million dollars and I’m gonna to…’ It’s middle of the week and I haven’t seen him, so.”

Ferguson-King has been referred to the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation to further discuss her plans. Emmett adds demolition could still happen if the county can’t find a way to repurpose the Dome.