Dos And Don’ts For Office Holiday Parties

The workplace holiday party is upon us. Such events sometime result in cringe-inducing stories of morning-after regret. One expert tells us that it's just as easy to leave a good impression for the boss as it is a bad one.


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An office party is not the time to check your professional reputation along with your coat.

Robb Kelly is an addiction expert in Texas. He says you should have fun, but be careful about having too good of a time.

“What we tend to do when somebody does that is we tend to think, it’s a one-off, should do whatever you wanna do type of party, and that includes intoxication unfortunately.”

If you do take part, Kelly says not to do it on an empty stomach.

“Eat a well-balanced meal filled with nutrients, and always try and pace yourself. One golden rule I always try and do is to try and drink one drink every hour. And l just want to enjoy myself during the evening.”

Carbonated drinks tend to speed up the intoxication, the same goes with champagne or other bubbly cocktails. Plain water is better, and contrary to popular belief, coffee does nothing to sober you up.

“That is one of the big myths around. Don’t drink coffee, it’s a misconception. It’ll just help you stay awake longer while you’re intoxicated.”

Kelly says it’s just as easy to make a good impression as it is to make a bad one.

“I think one thing we must remember here is this is a professional occasion. It’s just like going to work. You dress accordingly, you speak accordingly and you act accordingly. And I think the same rules apply to when we go out in the evening. We tend to think that all our barriers can be let down — that is not the case.”

Remember that everyone’s cellphone is also a camera. Lots of pictures will be taken and posted — beyond your control — on social media.

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