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Bayous and Creeks Remain in Banks … So Far

All bayous and creeks remain within their banks, according to Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District.

Linder says, “The bayous are responding to that heavy rain. We have several bayous right now that are nearing bankfull, mainly in the southeast part of Harris County and in the eastern part of the county. Even though these bayous are getting high, at this point we do not have any structure flooding. We do have a flood warning for Cypress Creek at Grant Road. And the creek is forecast to go over its banks at Grant Road and be about a foot out of its banks by this evening.”

Over five inches of rain has fallen so far just south of Lake Houston.  Rainfall amounts elsewhere in the city range from around two inches, up to four inches.

To check the rainfall in your area, visit the Harris County Flood Warning map.