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Cruz Marathon Ends; The Debate About Effectiveness Begins

The marathon speech by Sen. Ted Cruz doesn't block Obamacare funding because a key procedural vote on the issue was already scheduled. But the Texas Republican says he wasn't elected to stay quiet.



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Sen. Cruz has certainly gained a lot of face time on television. But some senior colleagues were rubbed the wrong way by the overnight speech against Obamacare that delayed an initial vote on a must-pass spending bill. University of Houston Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus says it’s been a symbolic stand against perceived government encroachment, although he may have ruffled a few feathers.

There’s certainly an established unspoken, in some cases, heirarchy within the Senate, and certainly within the Republican caucus, but criticisms you’re seeing from the Republicans not only reflecting of the kind of overstepping of boundaries, but also perhaps a lack of coordinated strategy and their frustration with trying to get Sen. Cruz to help work with them.” 

Rottinghaus says there are some positive and negatives from the Senator’s effort.

“If you think about his electoral constituencies, they are highly encouraging of this kind of activity. It also, I think, helps him raise money. There could be a problem, though, for him when governing, and if it’s the case that he is not viewed as a Senator with whom you can negotiate, then that might hurt his chances to get laws passed.” 

But if Tea Party tactics lead to more difficulty in negotiating a budget settlement, Rottinghaus says it could lead to more problems for Republicans.

“And if the party blames that wing of the party, it could create some problems for him.”  

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