CarShare Program Offers Options For Those Using Alternative Transportation

There's another transportation option in the Energy Corridor — shared vehicles that can be used for errands while at work.

Clark Martinson with the Energy Corridor District says the CarShare program is for those who get to work by other means than their own car.

“People have the excuse that ‘once I’m there I might be stranded if I had to run an errand or it’s raining and you can’t ride your bike or you don’t have tha ability to match up with your car pool, you’ll have a car at your disposal to drive home that evening.” 

Martinson says reserving a car is easy. 

“They have a card as a member of the CarShare program, and they’re able to reserve a car and then swipe their card on the windshield of the car, which will give them access to the key and then they can take the car and go run their errand.” 

The CarShare program is starting with two Prius hybrids.