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What Technical Degrees Earn You More Money Than A Bachelor’s?

Most people go to college thinking after they pay all that tuition money and get their degree, they'll make a good salary. But a new report says maybe not so much.



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If you graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a Texas university, you’ll earn just under $40,000 a year in the first year out of college. That’s the average.

But a new survey says you could actually earn more money with less education.

Mark Schneider is the author of the report by College Measures.

“The community colleges are giving technical degrees that actually are quite valuable in the labor market. The median first-year earnings of technical associate’s degree is over $50,000.”

Those high-paying technical degrees are for jobs like a physical therapy technician or dental hygienist.

But the survey makes you wonder: Is college still worth it?

“The answer to that is actually complicated.”

Schneider says students should still pursue what they actually like and enjoy.

But they should also be smart consumers. That means compare the cost of the degree with the potential salary.

“If this is what your calling in life is, you know, more power to you. But don’t borrow — right  — don’t borrow $100,000 dollars to get a social work degree, because you’re, you’re going to be in real trouble.”

The new report about salaries for Texas college graduates comes at the same time state lawmakers are considering big changes to high school diplomas.

The plan would make it easier for students to get vocational training and not assume everyone’s going to college.