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Record Store Day Focuses on Independent Record Stores

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, and that means another batch of limited edition releases.  It's a global event, and thousands of independently-owned record stores like Houston's Cactus Records on Portsmouth take part.


Owner Quinn Bishop says there are hundreds of exclusive and limited titles.

“This year, there is a reissue of the Flaming Lips. They have four LPs that are meant to be played simultaneously to make one piece of music. There’s always a Beatles piece every year. There’s always a Dylan piece. All of the A-list artists — regardless of genre — their record companies are keen to produce a piece that will be coveted by those fans. This year, Columbia has made classic Miles Davis LPs available again in their original mono, which many of the Miles records were reprocessed for stereo.”

Bishop says events like record store day and in-store performances throughout the year help keep the spirit of the independent record store alive.  There’s a resurgence of interest in vinyl — over forty percent of business at Cactus is in vinyl releases.