Senator Cornyn Files "Careers for Veteran's Act" in Senate

On the day when the Texas legislature is filing final bills for this session, Sen. Cornyn is proposing the 'Careers For Veterans Act' to the U.S Senate. It aims to target unemployment among veterans. 

Senators John Cornyn and Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, wrote this bill with a couple of goals in mind.

Firstly, Sen. Cornyn says it isn’t always an easy transition into employment in the civilian world.

“This particular bill will cut the red tape for men and women in the military as they transition from military to civilian life.”

It will also focus on creating jobs for veterans.

“It directs federal agencies to come up with a plan to hire at least 10,000 qualified veterans for government service.”

But more importantly, says Cornyn, this bill will address a common veteran frustration.

“It will incentivize states to allow veterans to use their military training and experience to qualify for state licenses or credentials required for civilian jobs.”

The bill also has a provision that will make it easier for veteran-owned businesses to qualify for VA contracts, as well as for surviving spouses to maintain small businesses. This act, if passed, would amend part of the United States code that focuses on ensuring employment for veterans.