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Rep. Flynn’s Bill Wants To Reduce Training Hours In Handgun Proficiency Course

Gun legislation has been a major political talking point in the wake of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. In this Texas legislative session House Bill 47 has been filed. It relates to reducing the number of concealed handgun license training hours.


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Representative Dan Flynn hails from District Two, an area between Dallas and Austin. His House bill is proposing reducing the ten hours the State of Texas requires spent learning things like gun safety, gun storage and dispute resolution to four hours.

“It allows more people to have the opportunity to come and take it. They don’t have to take a day off of work to come and take a class. They don’t have to use a whole Saturday. The proof is whether or not you pass the test.”

Right now out of those ten hours, two are spent on a shooting range to prove weapon proficiency. Representative Flynn says that portion of the test will not be impacted by his proposed legislation. However the eight hours of theory would be. What exactly will be covered in those four hours hasn’t been fleshed out yet, nor has the question of whether that’s enough time to get through the material.

CHL instructor and local gun store owner Ryan Hansen says it should be. 

“The reality of the situation here isn’t whether or not people know how to use a gun. That’s a personal responsibility. The reality of the situation is do we train to standard or do we train to time.”

One person who doesn’t agree with this proposed legislation is ‘Jane’, that’s not her real name. She’s a member of nonprofit ‘One Million Moms For Gun Control’ an organization that was born after the shootings in Newtown. ‘Jane’ is part of the Houston chapter and she’s not anti-guns, but last time she spoke out against semi-automatic rifles, she was contacted by a gun owner who was angered by her comments. So because of that she’s not comfortable about sharing her name, but she does want to share her stance on new CHL legislation that doesn’t involve tighter restrictions.

“Well it makes no sense to me. People that carry concealed handguns we want those folks to be really well trained. If you are defending yourself, you want to be really well trained. You wanna know how to use that weapon.”

‘Jane’ feels Newtown highlighted that maybe we need to do something different. 

“We want our children to be safe. Data shows that we can implement reasonable gun legislation while not undermining people’s right to self-defense and to hunt.”

Representative Dan Flynn in the wake of the Newtown shootings takes a different line on his gun legislation.

“The most dangerous place in America is our nation’s Capitol where they have the strongest gun laws. The only thing that has proven to stop a crazy guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I’m a country guy, represent the rural area and it’s just foreign to us to believe that someone has a problem with this.”

Judging by the current movement to change gun legislation from Washington and groups like One Million Moms for Gun Control, Representative Flynn may have a fight on his hands. 

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