Houston Tried To Shut Down Gun Shows

Next week the George R. Brown Convention Center will host the high caliber gun and knife show. Gun shows rotate through Houston's expo centers on an almost monthly basis. But at one time the city tried to prohibit or restrict such shows.

It’s been nearly two decades since city leaders tried to restrict gun shows in Houston. Mayor Annise Parker says a 1993 ordinance to regulate the shows was struck down in the courts.

“We are obviously interested in the whole issue of gun regulation. The City of Houston litigated the issue of whether we could prohibit or severely restrict gun shows at our convention centers several years ago. We lost that litigation.”

That lawsuit was brought by the High Caliber Gun and Knife Show, the same one that will be showing at the GRB next week.
A wide array of military-style semi-automatic rifles are available at these shows.

The issue has been raised again as the national conversation centers on gun control in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy last week.

“I’m a gun owner. I join with many of my fellow mayors in saying that no one needs an assault weapon. No one needs high capacity clips. And I think we should outlaw private ownership of assault weapons and high capacity clips, but I am not in any way interested in limiting people’s access to personal weapons.”

Parker says the city enforces all federal and state laws on firearms, but has no authority to enact further restrictions.


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