Early Voting Begins Today

If you've made your decision on the race for president, you can cast your ballot as early as today. Early voting begins this morning.

The period for early voting by personal appearance begins on the 17th day before Election Day and continues through the Friday before Election Day. In Harris County, there are 37 designated early voting locations. 

County Clerk Stan Stanart:

“The magic is, you can vote anywhere in the whole county. So you know, you don’t have to wait like you do on Election Day — go to your specific polling location. On early voting, you can go to any of those sites across the whole county.”

Ed: “Do you have to have a reason to be an early voter?”

“Nope! Convenience is your reason. Now, I do advise people don’t wait ’til the last day or two of early voting, because we’re going to be inundated with crowds and lines.”

Stanart says those early ballots are processed, but not counted, before Election Day.

“Part of our process is we image ’em. They’re put in tubs, they’re put in sealed, and I have a safe that’s got, you know, a 12-inch thick door on the safe, so they’ve very secure.  And so there’s no tabulation, no counting, though, the results, until the afternoon of Election Day when we lock everybody into Central Count, and so nobody comes out of there until 7 p.m. with any results.”

There’s been confusion on credentials that are required to vote.

“First of all, all you need is your voter registration card. Okay? If you don’t have it, there’s a whole list of items on HarrisVotes.com that tells you what you can use. A drivers license is what most people use because it’s convenient and it’s in their billfold. But if you don’t have it, you can even use the utility bill. Because photo ID is not implemented for this election. It’s still tied up in the courts, so don’t worry about it. It’s the normal thing you’ve been doing for years.”

A complete list of credentials permissible for voting is available at HarrisVotes.com.