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ADL Reacts To Ruling Over Kountze Cheerleaders Bible Banners

A judge says an East Texas school district policy, barring cheerleaders from quoting biblical scripture on banners at high school football games, appears to violate their free speech rights.


District Judge Steve Thomas issued an injunction allowing the Kountze cheerleaders to continue displaying such banners pending the outcome of a lawsuit about the matter. 

But the Anti-Defamation League’s Martin Cominsky says that’s a misguided decision.


“Our concern is that these religious banners blatantly convey a message that this school supports and promotes one religion over another, and we don’t believe that’s appropriate.” 

The school district ordered the cheerleaders to stop quoting bible verses after receiving a complaint from the freedom from religion foundation, which received a complaint from an atheist attending a game who felt the school was promoting Christianity. 


“The judge has given the school cheerleaders permission to continue with these banners until the hearing in June of 2013. It’s an unconstitutional action, an unfair action, to all the people of many different faiths that are now subjected to this for the rest of the football season.” 

Governor Rick Perry and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott support the cheerleaders.