Shuttle Endeavour’s Trip Is Postponed; Will It Still Make A Stop In Houston?

NASA could decide tomorrow whether Space Shuttle Endeavour will still be able to make a Houston stop as it heads for permanent display in Los Angeles.

Endeavour was to have stopped at Ellington Field today and then continued on to Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. Now, because of bad weather between Florida and Houston, tomorrow’s planned stop has also been delayed. NASA’s Mike Currie says they’d still like to stop here for what would likely be a shortened visit.

“There are a lot of factors that go into these ferry flights and weather is one of them. We are going to do our best to continue with the baseline plan that we put into place to stop into Houston and we’re taking all these factors into consideration and we’ll have some decision in the next day or so.”

Wednesday’s weather looks good and it’s likely Endeavour, riding on top of a giant transport aircraft, will be able to start the cross-country trip. Currie says there is still some flexibility on when the shuttle has to be in Los Angeles.

“There are a couple of days of extra contingency in the plan between when we land at Los Angeles International Airport and when they intend to move Endeavour through the streets. There is some flexibility, but we have to talk to California Science Center to work out those details.”

Once it arrives in California, the shuttle will make a two-day trip along Los Angeles-area roadways starting October 12th and will end up at the California Science Center on permanent display.