Downward Trend In Gas Prices, Even Lower In Houston

Average retail gasoline prices in Houston fall a half cent, for an average $3.63 for a gallon of regular unleaded. This compares with the national average of $3.81.

Houston’s drop in gas prices compares with the increase of a little over a penny seen at the national level. Isaac’s affect is still being felt as the oil industry brings capacity back online.

But Greg Laskoski, senior petroleum analyst with, says factors will play into the decline in petro prices here.

“That’s going to bode well for consumers, because that means the refineries go back to producing the cheaper blend of gasoline that has fewer additives — that’s one of the reasons why it’s cheaper, and some of that savings then is passed back to the consumer.  So that’s the beginning of the fourth quarter when we always see, historically we always see, the lowest prices of the year during the 4th quarter.”

Houston gasoline prices are almost 14¢ a gallon higher than last month, but 22¢ more than what motorists were paying at this time last year.