Ted Cruz Wants To ‘Stop The Out Of Control Spending’ In Washington

One day after beating Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in the primary runoff for the GOP Senate nomination, Ted Cruz says his Tea Party supporters are everyday Texans.

With the full force of the tea party movement backing him with supporters and money, Ted Cruz calls his quest to succeed retiring Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison an eye-opening journey.

“What an incredible opportunity to travel the state, to meet with thousands and thousands and thousands of energized Republican women and tea party leaders and grass roots activists, and to see their passion, their energy. I feel extraordinarily fortunate, to be part of this movement all across Texas, to take our country back.”

He says former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum campaigned for him for a reason.

“The reason we have seen conservatives across Texas and across the country support this campaign, is I will fight every day, to turn around the out of control spending in Washington, and to turn around the debt.”

Cruz, the prohibitive favorite to win election in  November against Democratic nominee Paul Sadler, says the Republican party of Texas and the  tea party could be one in the same.
“The Tea Party are every day Texans, every day Americans, that believe in common sense answers, living within our means, not spending more than we have, and not saddling our kids and grand kids with a crushing debt.”

He says the Tea Party is helping bring the Republican Party back to the policies that should have been defended in the first place. Cruz adds his view of the government is different from the president, and that his campaign will continue to take that message to Texans across the state, as he asks for their help.