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City Of Houston Releases Shooting Survival Video

In the wake of last week's shootings in Colorado, the City of Houston has released a six minute video instructing the public how to survive a similar mass shooting event.


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The video starts of with gripping music as an actor wearing dark sunglasses and a backpack heads for an office building. Once inside, he gives no warning before pulling out a shotgun and firing at everyone in sight. Everything is staged.

“If you find yourself …”

Dennis Storemski overseas the Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security — the agency that made the video. He says they came up with the idea months ago. After making the video here in Houston, they held on to it for a while waiting for the right time to make it public.

“Obviously after the incident in Colorado, it seemed like the time to do it because it’s on people’s minds and it’s something that resonates when people hear something they can relate to.”

“There are three things you can do that make a difference …”

The video shows some employees hiding under their desks while others look for ways to get out of the building. The video has three recommendations:

“run, hide, fight.”

As head of Homeland Security, Storemski wants the public to be prepared for all types hazards, not just those involving shootings.

“One of the things we try to encourage people to think about is to be prepared for any kind of emergency and one of our overall suggestions are is to have a plan. So if people think about these types of incidents, if they have something in their mind about how they might want to react, they don’t have to think about it when it happens.”

“Always try and escape of evacuate, even when others insist on staying.”

The video shows a group of employees searching for a way out while the shooter walks the halls. They finally make it out safely and warn others not to go inside. Storemski says knowing your way out ahead of time could be a lifesaver.

“When someone walks into a facility, it’s not a bad idea to take notice of where the exit doors are, what you mind need to do if you’re going to escape. So the suggestion is you don’t wait for someone tells you when you walk into a facility, just take notice of where the exits are and you know if I’ve gotta duck somewhere, where can I duck into.”

To see the video or download a copy you can go to www.