Biden Helps Close NAACP Convention With A Plea

Vice President Joe Biden rallies support for President Obama before the NAACP, the country's largest civil rights organization. He urged the group to do all it can to return Obama to the White House in November.

The official program of the NAACP Convention listed President Obama as the keynote speaker for the closing session.

The crowd didn’t seem to mind when a scheduling conflict forced him to appear instead in a taped video message.

video message from Obama“I stand on your shoulders, and at the NAACP you have always believed in the American promise. That idea that no matter who you are, or what you you look like or where you come from, America is the place where you can make it if you try.”

Able stand-in Vice President Joe Biden drew cheers as he credited the President for his landmark health care law, his decisive mission that lead to the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and for stepping in to rescue U.S. automakers Chrysler and GM.

“It was not popular, but it was critical. And he was right, saving a million jobs and creating 200,000 new jobs in the automobile industry. General Motors now leads the world again and Chrysler is the fastest growing company in America.” 

While the Vice President never specifically cited Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s argument to the same audience the day before — that he could serve Blacks better than Obama — Biden attacked Romney and GOP policy proposals, pointing to differences in health care, education, energy & women’s rights.

“They have never let up, but neither has my guy, neither has President Barack Obama. He continues to be driven by the character of his convictions. And folks in the end, that’s what the presidency is all about . Your character, your convictions, and one more important thing — it’s about the vision for the future of America.”

These two delegates say they were glad to be able to hear the philosophies of the two parties:

Female delegate: “I do believe Biden was more genuine in his approach to really tackle the issues  — that face not just Black America — but everyone. And that I was very very happy to hear that.”

Male delegate: “He talked about civil rights, and he talked about what the federal government ought to be doing in enforcing that, and that’s what Romney did not talk about. And he talked about education and teachers, and that’s fundamental to this country. We’ve got to make sure we have a strong educational system.”

Biden’s speech closed out the first NAACP national convention in Houston in more than 70 years.

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