Voter Issues Focus Of NAACP Convention

Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson lee revs up the crowd at the opening session of the NAACP at its annual convention in downtown Houston. President Todd Jealous kept to the association's focus of voter registration.

The tone of the 103rd NAACP convention at the Brown Convention Center was set with Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who asked the crowd to be a part of what she called “this great movement”.

“Demand them to account for any other organization that has ever brought to humankind, the kind of liberty and justice that the NAACP has ever brought. I say to you in the name of the healthcare bill that has been called Obamacare, that I call Suzy-care and Leroy-care, sick baby-care, senior-care, humanity-care. That’s what I call it.”

Houston Mayor Annise Parker followed, welcoming the crowd to her city.

“We’re a business focus city that is very visitor friendly, and we want to make sure that you have a productive conference, but that you have a good experience in this city, and that you come back. We also hope that your presence here helps invigorate our own NAACP, and helps strengthen it and gird it for the next hundred years.”

Todd Jealous
The featured speaker, NAACP President and CEO Todd Jealous

Association President and CEO Todd Jealous, the featured speaker, told delegates that whan he became a brand new father on July 4th, it made him wonder outloud.

“Will the world they come to know, be one in which they can prosper and grow? So if we in America, they grow up and allow them to realize all the dreams and aspirations they dare to dream? And when we build an America, where we truly embody one person, one vote, he too can sing, ‘Let freedom ring’. Fowards ever, backwards never. Until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a might stream. God bless the NAACP, and God bless each of you.”      

Before the start of the convention, Jealous announced the start of a nationwide drive by the NAACP to register thousands of mostly minority, student and elderly voters before the November 6th election.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s scheduled speech on Monday was postponed until Tuesday.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is to address the crowd Wednesday morning, while VP Joe Biden will speak at the end of the convention on Thursday.