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No Swimming Or Hiking At This Summer Camp, But There’s Liquid Nitrogen

After spending the school year learning academic subjects such as science and math, a group of local middle school students are having a blast at summer camp, learning aboutscience and math.



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They’re only in middle school and these students attending the Bernard Harris Summer Science and Math Camp at the University of Houston are learning how to diagram the model of a house on the computer.

“The students are designing houses using a program called Google Sketch where they build a computer simulation of a 3D house.”

Professor Perri Segura runs the two week camp. She says the 8th graders come from all over Houston to work on projects that involve science and math. And although they may look like their peers, she says these aren’t  your average students.

“These kids are remarkably intelligent. They come from good backgrounds in school. We as part of the application process ask them to sent their report cards and their standardized test scores and they have to have teacher referrals. These kids are highly gifted, they’re intelligent and they have a passion for science and math.”

The fact that they actually like science and math already makes them anything but average. I asked Nallely Delacuesta what activities she’s enjoyed in her two week stay.

“I think superconductivity. It’s really cool to work with liquid nitrogen. I didn’t even know that it existed.”

Ramani Talley says her love of science and math will help her with her career.

“Well I know I want to be a pediatrician, because my pediatrician, he inspires me. Like he’s the reason I want to be a pediatrician, because I just like to help people already.”

Talley says one of the coolest things about the camp is they get to stay in the University Dorms.

“I’m not saying that being home is bad, but I’m just saying it’s a good experience.”

Stamps: “Oh come on, this is more fun than being at home.”

“It is because during the summer, I’m bored and I don’t have anything to do, so this keeps me doing something productive.”

Unfortunately the camp is about to end, which means she’ll be back at home … probably looking for something to do.